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Do not ask me to guarantee size, color,height,shape or Tempement, for i cannot.

maltipoos can come in all sizes from 4lbs to 12 lbs. It does not always fall back to the parants. It can be the way you the new owner feeds them. and the body style the the puppy has. thick boned/or small boned. Please do not ask me to guarantee weight as i cannot. puppies are just like people.

Maltipoos are not all that same size or do they all look alike. Just like human babies. You can have 3 Human babies and all 3 of them will not look the same ,or be the same size.

Even at 12 lbs maltipoos are still considered a toy. Maltipoos can be tall or short,when you make a deposit, that is to hold the puppy that you have picked out and  let no one else have it,  Maltipoos can have curly hair, or wavy hair, or straight  hair.or both, Maltipoos do not have fur, They have hair, Maltipoos are very lovable,sweet, and playful, some can be even laid back, 

Remember that you are responsible for new fur-baby AFTER IT LEAVE'S ME.

Deposits are $350.00 + 4% pay  pal fee that is NON-REFUNDABLE 



have a blessed day!I have always if you get a small fur baby you much keep sugar is there water. or Karo to keep them from having a sugar drop.I do not give refunds back after the fur baby leaves me. so don't ask, 
Dr's don't and i don't, Please Get your puppy the thing that they need. Please do not change there food . it will male them sick. if you do it over a 10 day process.By mixing it together.